Connoisseur of Code

My name is Tyler Treat, and I'm a software developer.
I specialize in Agile development—web, mobile apps, and enterprise-level systems.

Tyler Treat

About Me

I have worked for several software companies with most of my experience being in .NET, Java, and Python, while also contributing to a number of open source projects. After working as a freelance web developer and consultant, I started my own company developing web applications for small businesses.

My expertise primarily lies in J2EE/Spring and Python; however, I also have extensive experience working on the client side with respect to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I build scalable web applications using Google App Engine and related technologies. I've worked largely on Agile and Kanban development teams.

I like to lead, but I also like to learn.

In my spare time, I blog about software development and build software for Android, including my open source application framework Infinitum.




I'm currently an engineer at Workiva on the backend application web services team developing platform APIs and other infrastructure for the company's product family. We work using a lightweight Kanban process and development is done primarily with Python on Google App Engine. Scalability is a key focus.

Clarion Media

Clarion Media is a company I started after working as a freelancer and consultant doing web development for small businesses and organizations. It involves meeting with clients regularly to elicit project requirements and building web and mobile apps with rich user experiences.

Thomson Reuters

At Thomson Reuters, I worked as a developer for WestlawNext within the research-organizer group using disciplined Agile practices. Among other technologies, the research organizer was built on a stack comprised of J2EE, Spring MVC, REST, and Hibernate.

Maverick Software Consulting

My time at Maverick Software Consulting involved working as a contractor for Thomson Reuters, in which I was a part of several projects. This included developing .NET and Java web applications built on technologies like ASP.NET, NHibernate, Spring.NET, Spring Batch, and jQuery.


The majority of my time at Iowa State University was spent on practical aspects of software engineering, such as analysis of algorithms and data structures, software architecture, and collaborative group projects. I found that working professionally was an advantageous parallel to taking classes as I was able to apply what I had learned in the workplace while doing the same in school. Below is a brief overview of some of my academic projects.

3M Listen-In

My senior design project was an Android application for 3M which allows healthcare professionals to connect multiple Bluetooth stethoscopes to a tablet or mobile device. With Listen-In, clinical educators can share sound simultaneously with several students and leverage tools to aid in diagnosis, including a phonocardiograph.

Real-Time Syncing

This project involved developing a framework for real-time document syncing to be used in distributed applications. In this context, a document is any structured piece of data, and intended use cases include a collaborative whiteboard, text editor, and music composer. The system was built on top of ZeroMQ.


For a software engineering course, I led a team of developers to build a personal organizer for the Android platform called PlanDroid. The application allows users to manage their to-do list, calendar, and documents all from one place and on-the-go. Nearly 22,000 people have downloaded PlanDroid from Google Play.